Escape from Intern Purgatory

The augmented reality comic book and roleplaying game.

The app

Mount is your window into the world of Tough Guy Mountain. With your personal augmented reality guide Holographic Kyle at your side, create and manage your own unpaid intern. When used in combination with the comic book, Mount unleashes new interactive narratives and minigames. Slide down the corporate escaladder into the murky realms of hierarchy with Mount!

Available for iOS and Android phones, November 2021.

The book

The Brandscape is a magical world where brands come from. At its heart lies Tough Guy Mountain: the company that harvests, refines and sells those brands to the world. At the bottom of that company are interns; unpaid labourers who spend their time working on their personal brands, trying to get noticed by the higher ups so they can escape Intern Purgatory and move on to more meaningful work in their lives. But every intern learns very quickly that at a marketing company where Appearance is Everything, things are not what they appear.

Published by Eyelevel Gallery in a limited edition of 150. 

115 pages, two-colour risograph print, 8” x 5.5” x ¾”

The stream

Join our interns as they try to Escape From Intern Purgatory in this interactive story and role-playing game by Tough Guy Mountain.

Our favorite intern group is trapped outside the TGM corporate HQ. They can only be saved by a hot tub, a magical intern mech suit, holographic assistants, Chanukah metaphors, and their bosses (you!) liking their social media posts can save them!

Starring: Maya Ben David, Cat Bluemke, Jonathan Carroll, Sam Roberts, Iain Soder, Esther Splett.


  • November 26th, 8-10pm AST 
  • December 3rd, 8-10pm AST

Free to attend – performances are solely online.

Tough Guy Mountain Logo

About the project

Escape from Intern Purgatory is a project by Tough Guy Mountain, an art collective making projects about unpaid internships. The online exhibition and performances run November 18th to December 18th, 2021. Eyelevel and Tough Guy Mountain gratefully acknowledge the Canada Council for the Arts for their support for this project through their Digital Now fund.

Iain Soder, Cat Bluemke, Jonathan Carroll, Sam Roberts, Maya Ben David, Esther Splett

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